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Hotel “Asteri”

Around the main hall of the restaurant “Asteri” there are balconies where you can drink a cup of coffee, soak in the evening sun, near a wide terrace. A large number of plants, landscapes of Kiev create a cozy atmosphere, crackling fire, rattan furniture, return to sweet memories
Do you want to hold a responsible meeting, is it possible to share your joy of marriage, the birth of children? This is where you can get three in one. Cosiness of the house, high class of service, various kitchen. Somewhat secluded, in the restaurant Asteri, there is a fireplace hall. Muted tones, wide landscape wreaths, a pleasant design in the Italian style and the magic of live fire, set up a working atmosphere. You can quickly view the press, drink a glass of selected wine, in the bar.


The best superconductor will be one of the podiums of decoration. The menu of the restaurant Asteri maŃ”zizplan, deconstructed universalism of European cuisine, the generosity of national schools, with a colossal Kiev flavor. With the help of Italian firmware, an orphan plateau, a kind of Ukraine Ukraine and I want to get hundreds of seafood shit. The decor is a kind of mixed salads, the popular “Caesar” and “Greek”, the classic pasta “Carbonara” – seafood, which never happens, but only the time of the water will fool you.

The main menu includes assorted meat and veal medallions, pork on the bone, chicken schnitzel, Kyiv-style cutlet. For convenience, Ukrainian cuisine is collected in a separate menu, where from borscht with donuts, dumplings, appetite becomes greater. A special pride of the restaurant is lamb dishes, which are grown on their own farm according to eco-technologies. The chef brought this product to the pinnacle of skill, because shurpa, after all shurpa, chebureks, lyulya-kebab, baked lamb leg, flambe, stewed lamb with vegetables will make you come back and return to the restaurant Asteri. The complex offers business lunches, and a buffet breakfast every morning. The wine list is carefully selected, the decoration of which is a quality product of Ukrainian production – wine of the Trubetsky farm.

Be the pioneers! Discover the wonderful world of warmth, sincerity and good cuisine of the world of Asteri restaurant. The roof of the 11th floor is approaching the celestial extravaganza.